Slieve Blooms - The Hills Are Alive

Slieve Bloom Mountains

Where the hills really are alive

The wonderful thing about the Slieve Bloom Mountains (besides being the most unspoilt and uncongested in the country) is that you’ll find trails to suit every ability; from the experienced hiker to the casual stroller.   Whether you take on the long-distance Slieve Bloom Way or opt for one of the shorter looped trails, you’ll be rewarded by spectacular views stretching across the midlands of Ireland and on a clear cloud free day you can see the four highest points of each of Ireland’s four provinces.

All nature lovers will appreciate a visit to the Slieve Blooms as they are rich in flora and fauna and as many as sixty five different bird species have been sighted here and the many glens are alive with the sigh of trees, the rush of water, the sound of birdsong and the bark of deer. And when you’ve finished your day exploring the mountains, drop into one of the cosy pubs in Kinnitty, Cadamstown or Clonaslee and tell us all about it!

Slieve Bloom Looped Walks

A selection of twenty one marked walks ranging in length from one hour to four hours and varying degrees of difficulty. Choose your access point from one of five key trailheads which provide map-boards and car-parking as follows:

Trailhead 1 – Glenbarrow Carpark
Trailhead 2 – Brittas Wood.Entrance at Clonaslee Village
Trailhead 3 – Cadamstown Village Carpark
Trailhead 4 – Kinnitty Forest Entrance near Kinnitty Village
Trailhead 5 – Monicknew Forest Carpark

The Slieve Bloom Way

If you fancy getting off the beaten track for 3 days on a mountain trekking adventure, then pack your rucksack and take on the Slieve Bloom Way. Covering a distance of 60 km, your daily hikes will consist of 4 to 5 hour walks across a mixture of terrain; from gorse-covered flatlands to relatively gentle inclines. The Slieve Bloom Way is a circular walking trail which stretches across the Slieve Bloom Mountains Environment Park - an area of undiscovered environmental beauty, boasting a fabulous array of flora and fauna, remarkable deep glens, rock outcrops and waterfalls, Truly ‘a walk on the wild side’ along forest paths to the heart of Ireland’s midlands.

Slieve Bloom Walkers

Slieve Bloom Eco Walk

Nature’s beauty and diversity is part of the attraction of most walks in rural Ireland, but the special EcoWalks in the Slieve Bloom Mountains draw the walker’s attention to flora, fauna and geology in a much more concentrated way; indeed, they will give you new eyes for familiar places, and enrich the walking experience wherever you go! There is a selection of five walks ranging in length which vary in degrees of difficulty.

Slieve Bloom Bridge      

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