Wild Food Mary

Wild Food Mary

Discover Wild Food in Ireland

Wild food foraging is blooming in popularity, not least here in Ireland with its bounty of wild edibles.

Join Wild Food Mary and learn just how deeply Irish culture is connected to the land and its wild abundance.

Humans have been foraging food as long as we have existed. This has for the most part consisted of collecting naturally occuring green leaves, flowers, berries, nuts, mushrooms and roots. The benefits of collecting and eating wild food are many. Foraged food is healthy, tastes fantastic, and is a joy to collect! If done correctly it is also ecologically sustainable and is an interactive and immersive experience. When something grows in a natural environment – without being artificially fertilized, watered and weeded - it has to battle for its place in an ecosystem and thus usually produces more micronutrients than farmed produce. It is typically more potent, restorative and in some cases medicinal.

Your Forage Guide

Wild Food Mary, expert forager, chef, organic food enthusiast and author. Also produces a select range of fine natural products and have many recipes to share and recommend. With a lifetime of experience I lead a highly informative, yet friendly and relaxed workshop with lots of great craic!

A Typical Forage Day

You will meet other wild food enthusiasts from different walks of life. Wild Food Mary will lead the group on a forage, first within the grounds and then extending into surrounding woodlands, hedgerows and anywhere else we can discover hidden treasures. Once you see just how much is to be found, be sure you will have the foraging bug and those primal instincts will kick in! You’ll then be surprised, if not astonished, at just how much food is growing all around you and your new found interest in foraging.

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