Rahan Monastic Site

Monastic Offaly

Offaly – ‘A flowering garden of monasteries’

Between the fifth and seventh centuries, evangelist monks arrived in the territory now known as County Offaly. Today Offaly is a sacred landscape, enriched by the folklore, history, art and architecture of our Christian past. These places provide a tangible link to noble ancestors and craftsmen and the communities of friars and monks who not only prayed, but also played a pivotal role in the economic, political and social life of their environs. Prepare to immerse yourself in Offaly’s richly diverse landscape with high crosses and round towers, spectacular outdoor sculptures, medieval castles, and the chance to trace your own roots if you’re feeling especially culturally curious!


Durrow High Cross and Early Christian Monastic Site

Durrow is the site of the earliest and most important monasteries founded by St Columcille about 550.
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Seir Kieran 570x300

Seir Kieran Early Christian Site

This is the site of an important monastery founded by St Ciaran in the fifth century.
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St. Manchans

Boher - St. Manchan's Shrine

The shine is a 12th century gabled box of yew wood and bronze, which contains the relics of Saint Manchan.
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Birr Early Christian Monastic Site

St.Brendan 6th century - One of the "twelve apostles of Ireland".
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Killeigh Early Christian Monastic Site

Looking out into the fields behind the Church of Ireland there are impressive remains of a double banked monastic enclosure encircling the village of Killeigh. This was the town wall for the monastic settlement...
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Rahan Monastic Site

Rahan Early Christian Monastic Site

The Monastic site at Rahan has been a place of Christian worship for over 1,500 years.
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Leamonaghan Monastic Site

Lemanaghan Early Christian Site

St. Manchan and his mother Mella. 7th Century
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