Bird Watching


Feel free as a bird

For the visiting bird-lover, Offaly offers some of the most varied and satisfying bird-watching opportunities in the country. The natural floodplain known as the Shannon Callows is renowned for its wild birds and wildlife generally. It has one of the largest concentrations of breeding waders in these islands with Lapwing, Redshank, Curlew, Sandpiper and Godwit living there. Offaly’s other notable bird-spotting areas include; the Lough Boora parklands/wetlands, Little Brosna (Ashton’s) Callows, the Slieve Bloom Mountains and Turraun Nature Reserve. You can also pop into the Visitors' Centre at Clara Bog Visitor Centre & Nature Reserve where you can learn more about the birds, animals, insects and plants that make their home in Offaly. Get out those binoculars and come visit!

Brosna Callows

Slieve Bloom Mountains Nature Reserve

The Slieve Bloom Mountains are a designated Special Protection Area (SPA) for the rare bird life found there; two emblematic bird species; the hen harrier and the red grouse.
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Grey Partridge

Grey Partridge in Boora

Adjacent to the Lough Boora Discovery Park is the Grey Partridge sanctuary; an ecological oasis developed by wildlife enthusiasts to save one of Ireland’s rarest birds.
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Swans on Lake

Little Brosna Callows Bird Hide

The River Little Brosna Callows is one of the top ten spots to see wintering waterfowl in Ireland.
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