Grand Canal

A vast number of mixed coarse fish


Nine permanent match stretches occupy the length of the Grand Canal within 15 km of Edenderry town. This section of canal corridor is unconfined by lock gates for 31 kilometres. Each stretch is permanently marked and contains a minimum of 25 pegs, spaced at 30 metre intervals. The towpaths are driveable and adjacent car parking facilities are provided. The towpaths, like the canal itself, are maintained to the highest standard by Waterways Ireland, while the angling conditions are beyond parallel. A vast number of mixed coarse fish have been stocked into the canal over the past ten years, the health and population status of which is regularly assessed. Because of the superb bank-side facilities, the large and diverse fish stock and the wide range of managed match stretches, Edenderry had been the venue of choice for many major angling events in Ireland. Each year the Edenderry Coarse Angling Club (CAC) stages two major festivals on the canal. These are the Guinness Solo three-day Festival in June and the two-day Edenderry ADC Coarse Angling Festival in July.

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