Switching Gears

It’s how we do it in Offaly

Some destinations promise that you’ll “switch-off” as soon as you step foot in the place. In Offaly, we prefer the idea of “switching gears” instead. It’s a subtle difference but a meaningful one (and far less traumatic to your system!). Visit Offaly and you’ll quickly discover that whether you’re hiking the majestic Slieve Bloom Mountainsor tumbling in the mud at Croghan Hill’s obstacle-course, the last thing you want to do is switch off. Switching gears is far more enjoyable!

And if water-sports make your pulse race, meet the gang in Daingean Adventure Centrewhere they’ll kit you out in a kayak before you’ve time to ask “so how cold is that water?”  At Lough Boora Discovery Park, you can let our wonderful wildlife and spectacular outdoor sculptures do the gear-switching on your behalf.   Or maybe you’d enjoy a cruise down the Shannon from Banagher where you’ll experience the wonder of the midlands from a completely different perspective; as captain of your own boat! After all that, if you need some proper chill out time, switch gears again and embrace the serene environs of Clara House Spa– go ahead, you’ve earned it!